Sep 27 2012

Understanding Ubuntu LTS (Long Time Support).

LTS is an abbreviation for “Long Term Support”.
As described in Ubuntu WiKi, Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Server are released every six months. LTS versions are released every 2 years.
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Sep 15 2012

RTSP H.264 Streams from Ubiquiti AirCam.

Ubiquiti AirCams can directly stream video.
Assuming [Camera IP Address] is the IP Address or HostName of your AirCAM, here is a list of URLs (each Channel serves a specific resolution feed):
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Sep 2 2012

Stream Mikrotik RouterOS Sniffer TZSP directly to a remote WireShark host.

Network administrators often use Protocol Sniffers to debug remote network problems.

Here is a brief explanation on how to configure WireShark to receive MikroTik RouterOS Sniffer Stream (in TZSP format).
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Apr 24 2012

AMaViS: deal with SPAM, Viruses, Banned attachments, and Bad headers.

Once undesirable mail is found, AMaViS has the ability to quarantine, discard and/or allow the undesirable mail to pass and be delivered to destination address(es).
Amavisd-new can place useful information in the header of processed eMails, notifying people of taken actions and also “defang” undesirable messages.

When AMaViS “defangs” eMails, the original message can be encapsulated as attachment of a notice, delivered to destination address.
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Mar 20 2012

Configure Port-Knocking in RouterOS.

Port knocking is a method of establishing a connection to a networked device that has no open ports.

Before a connection is established, ports are opened using a port knock sequence, which is a series of connection attempts to closed ports.
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