Client-IP-Detector: a new WordPress Widget to show Client IP.

A new simple IP detector widget for WordPress (named client-ip-detector) to show if user is connecting with IPv6 or IPv4 has born and has been written by me.

Using this Plugin, IPv4 Address will be marked in RED while IPv6 ones will me marked in GREEN (this feature has to be enabled in the widget admin panel), to remember the reached availability limits of v4 Protocols.

Statistics on IPv6 and IPv4 usage (percentage) are available and can be printed-out.

A link to WikiPedia to IPv4 and IPv6 is generated depending on the discovered IP Address (this feature has to be enabled in the widget admin panel).

After Installing and Enabling the plugin, on the WebSite, a widget containing the IP Address of the connected Client will be displayed as follows (Graphics depending from the Installed Theme):
Client IP Detector - Widget Output

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