Recover data from file stored in HDD Area with bad sectors using DD.

I used this tip to recover file stored into one Hard Drive with lots of bad blocks, moving good content to new files.

In my case one Thunderbird MBox file on my iMac HDD (HFS, Journaled) couldnt be copied or opened at all, since it was physically stored in a Bad-Blocks-Area.

I decided to use Unix ‘dd’ to recover only the non-damaged part of the corrupted file, example follows:

dd bs=512 if=/Volumes/OldDisk/[..]/Sent \
          of=/Users/[..]/Sent \

/Volumes/OldDisk/[..]/Sent is the path of the unreadable file
/Users/[..]/Sent is the path where store the ‘recovered’ file

The file part containing Bad-Blocks will be unreadable and ‘zeroized’ on the new destination file, for this reason this procedure could be applied only where the consistency of the recovered file doesn’t matter (Ex.: TextFiles or Multimedia Files with no indexes).

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