Juniper SRX: Copy a file from one node to another one in a JSRP Chassis Cluster.

When Chassis Cluster is enabled, it is possible to transfer a file from one node to the other.

An example scenario would be if it’s required to move a JunOS image from one node to the other to upgrade both nodes.

Peform the following steps:

1.Check the status of the Chassis Cluster using the command:

show chassis cluster status

The target node should not show as lost. If it does then check if the CTRL Link is up or not . The other device is powered on or not.

2.Check if the Fabric link is up or not using the command:

show interfaces terse fab*

The fabric links should show Admin up and Link up.

After having confirmed that the target node is up and the fabric link is up, it is possible to proceed to copy.

Assuming that the source file is /var/tmp/JunOS.img and target directory is /var/log/ (target node is node1):
Copy using CLI:

file copy /var/tmp/JunOS.img node1:/var/log/

Copy using Shell:

start shell user root
%rcp -T /var/tmp/abc.log node1:/var/log/

Important note: Method A is faster than method B; RCP is slower.

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