RTSP H.264 Streams from Ubiquiti AirCam.

Ubiquiti AirCams can directly stream video.
Assuming [Camera IP Address] is the IP Address or HostName of your AirCAM, here is a list of URLs (each Channel serves a specific resolution feed):

– 1280×720 — rtsp://[Camera IP Address]:554/live/ch00_0
– 640×480 — rtsp://[Camera IP Address]:554/live/ch01_0
– 320×240 — rtsp://[Camera IP Address]:554/live/ch02_0
– 160×112 — rtsp://[Camera IP Address]:554/live/ch03_0

RSTP Feed can (should) be protected with authentication, in this case RTSP H.264 viewer has to be configured to provide authentication credentials.

VLC supports both RSTP Feeds and Authenticaed RTSP Feeds (simply wait until the client asks for Username and Password after inserting URL in the appropriate field).

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