Dec 16 2011

Cisco 6to4 Public Relay Service.

6to4 tunnels and connections to a 6to4 relay service need not be requested or negotiated between customers and the ISP.
The ISP simply configures the 6to4 relay service and customers can automatically connect to the service whenever they like.

Because of the one-to-many relationship between the 6to4 relay service and each 6to4 tunnel (each customer), there is low maintenance and management overhead associated with 6to4 tunnels and a 6to4 relay service. However, given that customers use the IPv4 address of their border router to construct the 6to4 address that they use to connect to the 6to4 relay service (they are not delegated a /48 prefix from the ISP), the ISP may want to manage the IPv4 routing announcements for the relay service to control its use (the ISP will need IPv4 traffic statistics to identify individual customers for using the service).
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