Oct 5 2012

Hard-Disk Partition Table management with “dd”.

Linux command dd seems unfriendly, but it is a very powerful command able to do many different things, like backup partitions, CD or USB stick or ca be used for zeroingMBR or the entire Partiton-Table.
The man page says: dd is an application that will “convert and copy a file”.

The GNU clone of dd is part of fileutils package and unlike most Unix commands, dd uses a keyword=value format for its parameters.
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Jul 25 2012

rsyncd setup on Mac OsX.

To set up an rsync server on a Mac can be quite tricky.

That’s my way to do that!
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Sep 2 2011

Archive Router’s configuration on Cisco IOS

The Configuration Archive is simple and powerful feature:
every time the router operator requests it (or periodically, if configured), the router stores its current configuration (on an external storage).

The external file names can include router name, configuration date-and-time, as well as a configuration version number. Continue reading