Mar 14 2014

ProxmoxVE: Proxy PVE GUI with NigNX configuring HTTPS on Standard port.

With the release of PVE 3.0, the Proxmox VE Web-Interface does no longer require Apache.
Instead using a standard WebServer, Proxmox team is now proud to use a new event-driven API-Server called ‘pveproxy’ listening on TCP Port 8006 and delivering contents via HTTPS using a self-signed certificate.

Proxying pveproxy behind NgiNX will prevent direct access to the event-driven API-Server, let the administrator to (optionally) add a second layer HTTP authentication, to configure a standard HTTPS TCP port to reach the admin panel and to use his own SSL certificates.
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May 3 2011

WordPress SSL Login & Admin

This is “the right way” to enable WordPress Administration & Login over SSL (assuming SSL is Configured and Running in the Hosting machine).

Don’t try to play with Redirect in Apache configuration, WordPress 2.6 and later has greatly improved support for administration over SSL out of the box.

There are two constants definable in wp-config.php file:

  1. FORCE_SSL_LOGIN (force all logins over SSL)
  2. FORCE_SSL_ADMIN (force all logins and admin sessions over SSL)


This definitions must be placed (in wp-config.php file) before the line:

/* That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */

Here’s the code needed to force all logins and admin sessions to happen over SSL:

define('FORCE_SSL_ADMIN', true);