Nov 18 2012

Taking ScreenShots in OsX.

There are several Keyboard ShortCuts (Key Combinations) that can be used to Store Screen-Shots in OsX.

The SystemUIServer process handles these commands.
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Oct 26 2012

OsX: get System Hardware Configuration from Terminal.

Get System Hardware configuration from Terminal in OsX could be tricky, here the command to show these infos.
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Jul 25 2012

rsyncd setup on Mac OsX.

To set up an rsync server on a Mac can be quite tricky.

That’s my way to do that!
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Feb 1 2012

Disable Spotlight in Mac OS X.

Spotlight may cause high RAM utilization, for this reason, in some cases, disable indexing can be very useful.

Disabling Spotlight (in this example the environment is Mac OsX 10.7 “Lion”) is pretty easy and can be done using Terminal commands.
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