May 8 2012

osTicket: Reset User Password.

Password lost for admin user in osTicket?

This can be solved by setting a new password in the DB.
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Nov 3 2011

Cisco (Type 7) Passwords PHP decrypt script

Cisco devices can be configured to store weak “obfuscated” passwords, also called “Type 7 Passwords”.

This script aims to recover this type of passwords, from the obfuscated string.

Since Password Obfuscation (Type 7) is not secure, if accounts details are stored inside device configuration, it is recommended to have it crypted with MD5 algorithm.

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May 5 2011

Boot Linux in Single User Mode

Boot a Linux machine in single user mode when using GRUB is not a complex procedure and can save the life of System Administrators in some emergency cases (for example if you cannot have more access to the machine because you forgot root or user password and you have no more accounts to use to access the console). Continue reading