Sep 5 2013

Recover data from file stored in HDD Area with bad sectors using DD.

I used this tip to recover file stored into one Hard Drive with lots of bad blocks, moving good content to new files.

In my case one Thunderbird MBox file on my iMac HDD (HFS, Journaled) couldnt be copied or opened at all, since it was physically stored in a Bad-Blocks-Area.
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Apr 23 2013

Install/Recover Grub2 from Linux Live CD/USB.

Recover/Reinstall/Repair Grub2 from a Linux Live Distribution (either via USB Stick or CD) is not a difficult procedure, and can be useful after the installation of another OS in the same Hard-Disk or simply id Grub Loader doesn’t work anymore.
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Jan 30 2012

Juniper SRX Series: Creating and managing the “Rescue Configuration”.

A rescue configuration allows administrators to define a known working configuration or a configuration with a known state that can be loaded (this is called a configuration roll-back) at any time.

This alleviates the necessity (on Junper devices) of having to remember the rollback number with the rollback command.
Rescue configuration can be used to roll back to a known configuration or as a last resort if device configuration and backup configuration files became damaged beyond repair.
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