Nov 6 2012

RouterOS: Understanding ‘Safe Mode’.

It is sometimes possible to change router configuration in a way that will make the router inaccessible from a remote connection and an access from the local console is needed to repair the mistake.
Usually this is done by accident, but there is no way to undo last change when connection to router is already cut.

In RouterOS, Safe Mode can be used to minimize this risk.
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Sep 2 2012

Stream Mikrotik RouterOS Sniffer TZSP directly to a remote WireShark host.

Network administrators often use Protocol Sniffers to debug remote network problems.

Here is a brief explanation on how to configure WireShark to receive MikroTik RouterOS Sniffer Stream (in TZSP format).
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Mar 20 2012

Configure Port-Knocking in RouterOS.

Port knocking is a method of establishing a connection to a networked device that has no open ports.

Before a connection is established, ports are opened using a port knock sequence, which is a series of connection attempts to closed ports.
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May 18 2011

DSA key login and command execution via SSH on RouterOS

Since RouterOS 2.9.13 the support for SSH DSA keys and command execution via ssh connection is available.

This allows admins to run commands and scripts from a remote machine on a RouterOS equipped one without inserting interactively a password to authenticate (Public/Private Key Authentication).
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