Mar 5 2012

Juniper SRX: Copy a file from one node to another one in a JSRP Chassis Cluster.

When Chassis Cluster is enabled, it is possible to transfer a file from one node to the other.

An example scenario would be if it’s required to move a JunOS image from one node to the other to upgrade both nodes.
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Feb 27 2012

Juniper SRX: Configure Time and NTP Client.

Let’s see how to set the system time of an SRX Series device manually and configure NTP on the device.
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Jan 30 2012

Juniper SRX Series: Creating and managing the “Rescue Configuration”.

A rescue configuration allows administrators to define a known working configuration or a configuration with a known state that can be loaded (this is called a configuration roll-back) at any time.

This alleviates the necessity (on Junper devices) of having to remember the rollback number with the rollback command.
Rescue configuration can be used to roll back to a known configuration or as a last resort if device configuration and backup configuration files became damaged beyond repair.
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Jan 29 2012

Upgrade JunOS on SRX Chassis Clusters.

SRX devices in a Chassis Cluster have a requirement to not have different version of JunIS on each node of the cluster.

Because of this, it is very important to ensure that both devices in the cluster come online at the same time.
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Jan 28 2012

Juniper SRX: Initiating a Chassis Cluster “Manual Redundancy Group Failover”.

It is possible to initiate a failover state manually (from the CLI) with the request command.

A manual failover bumps up the priority of the redundancy group for the specified member to 255, triggering its state.
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