Sep 11 2014

SSH Authentication with PGP Keys.

PGP keys and SSH keys can share the same RSA algorithm and for this reason, with some little tuning it is possible to use a PGP SubKey to authenticate users into SSH Servers.
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Dec 22 2013

Shell In A Box: command line tools to a web based terminal emulator.

Shell In A Box implements a web server that can export arbitrary command line tools to a web based terminal emulator.

This emulator is accessible to any JavaScript and CSS enabled web browser and does not require any additional browser plugins.

With default configuration, it is possible to start a Web Server at http://localhost:4200/ that allows users to login with their username and password and to get access to their login shell.

All client-server communications are encrypted, if SSL/TLS certificates have been installed.

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Dec 27 2012

Piping TAR datastream over SSH

Use of TAR command over SSH sessions, a good facility to transfer archives securely.

The GNU version of the tar archiving utility (and other old version of tar) can be use through network over ssh session.
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Mar 20 2012

Configure Port-Knocking in RouterOS.

Port knocking is a method of establishing a connection to a networked device that has no open ports.

Before a connection is established, ports are opened using a port knock sequence, which is a series of connection attempts to closed ports.
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May 18 2011

DSA key login and command execution via SSH on RouterOS

Since RouterOS 2.9.13 the support for SSH DSA keys and command execution via ssh connection is available.

This allows admins to run commands and scripts from a remote machine on a RouterOS equipped one without inserting interactively a password to authenticate (Public/Private Key Authentication).
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