The Site HAProxy


This page is outdated, but I like to keep it here since it tells the story of this blog.

This blog is now hosted in a secure and professional production environment, powered by IntSec.NET but at the beginning was available as described below the separation line. :)

This site is now available in HTTPS with a StartCom Issued SSL Certificate and the gained security rating is ‘A+‘!

For testing purposes we achieved ‘A+ with all bars marking 100%’ but in production environment we decided to rais-down Protocol Support and Cipher Strength to have a less-restrictive support for Web Browsers / Clients.





Maybe you are just curious to know how and where this BLOG is hosted, there’s no secret on this.


Something about the Hardware usedin this environment?
The cool HP Proliant Microserver!

This BLOG is made with WordPress, a cool “Personal Publishing” platform written in PHP.
Contents are delivered via Apache WebServer running on Ubuntu Linux, in HTTP & HTTPS, the DB BackEnd is MySQL.

The O.S. is installed in a KVM Guest Machine, running over a Proxmox VE Controller.
 is available in both IPv4 and IPv6.
(you can check from homepage how you are reaching the box with the “IP Detector”, a WordPress plugin that I wrote and then installed in this site) is available in HTTPS ( ).
(the CA used is CACert so maybe you would install CACert’s root certificate )

That’s all folks! Thanks for visiting!